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In addition to a thorough knowledge of money management and tax laws, the role of executor requires a great deal of time, (mostly during office hours) as well as the ability to deal with all the heirs tactfully and impartially.

One has to wonder if such a complex task should be imposed on a relative or a close friend.



The service I offer does not ask that I be appointed co-excutor as Trust Companies routinely do. The liquidator of the estate will have formal control over all transactions, and I act only as his or her representative.

As your administrator, working on behalf of the heirs, as well as the liquidator, I will undertake to settle the estate in the quickest possible, personalized, and competent manner.

There is no reason why a typical estate with a notarial will cannot be settled within 3-4 months if one is determined to expedite it to the maximum possible. And you will also be pleasantly surprised that I do not charge the high hourly rates notaries, lawyers and Trust Companies do.

In any estate matters, please call me, George Bardosh, in full confidence, and without any obligation.


specjalistyczne rozliczenia dla kierowców ciężarówek

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