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George Bardosh, P.Eng., a graduate engineer, has found his niche preparing income tax returns for taxpayers out of his Somerled Avenue location.

Now he and his experienced staff prepare over 2,000 returns annually. Bardosh offers a new hi-tech service at no extra charge. Tax returns can be sent via electronic mail to Revenue Quebec and Canada Revenue. This new service ensures that tax returns are processed much more quickly and therefore any refunds will arrive much quicker than through the paper filing option.

With over 25 years of professional experience, George has built a solid reputation for reliability and accuracy in the preparation of tax returns and financial statements in as much that all documents are carefully checked so that they will stand up to possible audit challenges.

Since being picked as the number one tax preparation service by The Montreal Gazette, Bardosh has become a registered tax-return preparer with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and can help U.S. citizens, residing in Canada, comply with their increasingly complex tax-filing requirements, including the, recently announced, streamlined compliance procedures.

He is also an agent for the major Chartered Banks and Trust companies and provides customers with complete financial planning packages with the goal of reducing income tax and getting a better return on investments.

As a Commissioner of Oaths, George Bardosh is permitted to take sworn declarations, as required by various governmental entities, and to settle estates. Please visit our Estate Settlement page for details.

Bardosh, a graduate of Loyola and McGill, is also a lifelong resident of N.D.G., and as such has been active in community organizations, such as serving on the Board of Directors of the NDG-Montreal Ouest CLSC.


We specialize in providing complete accounting services for owner-operated long distance trucking businesses.

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Bardosh Income Tax and Accounting Services, in Montreal, offers personal income tax preparation, accounting and investment services

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